Teeth Whitening

Customized Treatment for a Brighter Smile

Perhaps the most popular and cost effective way to make a dramatic smile improvement is with cosmetic bleaching, also known as tooth whitening. As our gallery shows, teeth bleaching can produce dramatic results with minimum investment and effort. There are many factors that contribute to yellow, brown, or gray stains including many of the things we eat and drink, medications, and older dental restorations. After a good exam we will make a plan that best fits your needs.

Because we offer a wide variety of bleaching options, we can come up with a plan and material that best fits your situation. For those people who have sensitivity we offer materials with varying levels of intensity along with desensitizing gels to make the experience as pleasant as possible. We have bleaching systems that give the patient choices according to their desires. Opalescence offers a wide range of teeth whitening products designed to brighten your smile. With either method we make a special bleach tray so that the material is placed in very small amounts in just the right position. Depending upon the level of whiteness desired by the patient, we normally see dramatic results in about 2 weeks with touch-ups done by the patient once every 3 months.