Root canal therapy may be necessary for severe cases of tooth decay. Deep cavities, injury, fracture, or gum disease can be a few potential causes of bacteria developing in the tooth chamber that might cause an infection. If your teeth become sensitive to heat or cold, you experience gum swelling or pain, or have a constant bad taste in your mouth, you may have an infection. An infected tooth will never heal on its own. Without treatment, your tooth could fall out, you could develop an abscess, and/or you may experience bone deterioration surrounding the infected tooth. As the infection worsens, it can weaken the immune system and may plague other parts of the body, potentially causing heart attack, stroke, or other serious conditions.

The good news is we can help you avoid tooth loss and further damage to your health with root canal therapy. This procedure is designed to remove the infected tissue, sterilize the nerve chamber, destroy all bacteria, and seal the nerve chamber and the tooth. After cleaning and sterilizing the infected area, we will place a custom-made crown on your tooth created to reinforce it and even improve its appearance. It should give your tooth added support while looking and feeling natural.