Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings offer a number of wonderful benefits.

Traditionally, silver amalgam fillings were the standard for repairing and filling cavities. However, amalgam fillings contain mercury, a substance that has been found to be harmful to the environment and to have health risks. The federal government has strict hazardous waste disposal regulations for amalgam fillings, so there is no need to put the substance into our own bodies. Even a small amount of mercury may be dangerous. Dr. Hashemian is committed to providing the healthiest and safest method of treatment, so we only use tooth-colored porcelain fillings for our patients.

In addition to being safer, tooth-colored fillings also offer a natural-looking cosmetic benefit. Also, amalgam fillings can break down over time, permitting bacteria to return underneath the filling and result in recurring cavities. Porcelain fillings are usually more durable than amalgam and more resistant to future cracking and cavities. By avoiding amalgam fillings and choosing porcelain fillings instead, we can help protect your health and the environment in addition to restoring your natural-looking, healthy smile.