Investigating the Mouth-Body Relationship

Consider your mouth to be the entrance to your body. Your general health will be impacted by how you treat your gums and teeth.

Find out how taking care of your mouth can keep you healthy!

and dental health issues.

Did you know that 34.2 million Americans of all ages have diabetes, according to estimates from 2018? If you are diabetic, your dentist is concerned.

Why? Given that diabetes can result in

  • dry mouth
  • thrush-like fungal infections
  • tooth loss


  • difficulty managing your blood sugar

Among adults, 1 in 5 are unaware that they have diabetes. See your physician to get tested for diabetes. Afterwards, schedule a dental appointment to maintain oral health. Gum disease is less common in diabetics who maintain good oral hygiene, eat a balanced diet, and control their insulin levels.

The condition of your teeth and heart disease.

A brief science lesson: Your heart is necessary!
We’re still learning how the two function together, so what does your mouth have to do with your heart?

What are our current understandings?

  • Take medication for high blood pressure AND maintain healthy gums? It is possible that you are improving the effectiveness of your medication. Click here to read more.
  • Do you have periodontal disease? Your risk of suffering a heart attack might be rising. Click here to read more.
  • Do you have any lost teeth? Peripheral artery disease may be more likely to affect you. Click here to read more.

The state of your teeth during pregnancy.

Congratulations! – You are a mother! Your family benefits from your good oral health. Thus, let’s establish the norm PRIOR to the baby’s arrival.

First! Enjoy being pregnant! See your dentist after that.

Dental care is safe during your entire pregnancy, including:

  • Radiography
    Your dental team will cover and safeguard you and your infant with a lead apron.
  • Regular care – such as exams and cleanings
    Come see us as long as you can comfortably lie on your back!
  • Emergency dental care, including fillings, root canals, and extractions
    Not getting dental care could cause problems during pregnancy.


  • Medications
    Your dental staff will discuss available choices. Everything provided is secure for you and your baby

SALIVA / GI and dental health.

It may surprise you to learn that saliva or spit can shield your teeth.

  • It keeps your mouth moist, which facilitates speaking and swallowing.
  • supplies nutrients that help maintain strong teeth, such as calcium
  • cleans, removing any food residue.

ACID. Have you ever observed the corrosion that results from leaving a battery in a toy or remote control for an extended period of time? In the mouth, the same thing is possible. Your risk of developing cavities depends on how frequently and how long acid remains in your mouth.

Acid may originate from

  • Foods and Beverages
  • There are no bacteria or saliva in the mouth.
  • In addition, disorders of the digestive system such as Crohn’s disease and GERD can alter the mouth’s acidity.

Sleep apnea and the condition of your teeth.

Nothing beats snuggling up under blankets to get a good night’s sleep!

Sleep promotes healthy brain function, physical healing, and increased productivity. Diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are all made more likely by inadequate sleep.

Poor sleep can be brought on by breathing disorders connected to sleep, such as snoring or sleep apnea.

Your dentist can assist you in getting a good night’s sleep!

Did you know?

Your dental team can screen you for risk factors like

  • A large tongue
  •  Large tonsils
  • Mouth breathing
  • Breathing pauses during sleep

Your dentist will work with your medical doctor to come up with a plan which can include

  • An oral appliance
  • Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy
  • Changes in sleeping position