Dedicated to providing gentle care in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

One of the most common issues preventing people from seeking the dental care they need is fear. Dr. Hashemian and his dedicated team do not believe that dental anxiety should prevent you from enjoying fantastic oral health and a lovely smile. We are dedicated to providing gentle care in a comfortable, stress-free environment. At Dr. Tony Hashemian Dental Care in Corona Del Mar and Newport Beach CA, we utilize safe and effective sedation techniques to take the fear and stress out of dental appointments!

Oral Conscious Sedation Perfectly Relaxed, Remarkably Safe

We believe that creating a positive patient experience is an important part of excellent dental care. We want everyone who enters our office to feel welcome, comfortable, and enthusiastic about improved health and aesthetics. We have found that turning dental care into a relaxing, rewarding experience helps our patients develop a positive attitude about oral health, and better hygiene habits. For more information about how dental sedation can help you relax and love your smile, schedule a consultation at today.

Conscious oral sedation can be used for virtually any dental procedure if the patient feels uncomfortable. It is mild and very safe. The patient is instructed to take the prescribed medication approximately 40 minutes prior to the time of his or her appointment. This gives the mild sedative time to take effect, so the patient is calm and relaxed during the procedure. Benefits of oral sedation include:

  • Allows patients to relax completely
  • The patient does not lose consciousness
  • No IV is needed