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Restore Health, Beauty, and Function to Your Smile If you have significant dental problems, including missing teeth, chips, cracks, stains, and other damage, our Newport Beach dentists can help you improve the appearance and functionality of your smile with a full mouth rehabilitation.Dr. Aguilera is experienced at performing a number of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dental procedures to renew your smile and restore the health of your teeth and gums.

What is a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

If you suffer from a variety of significant and complex restorative and cosmetic dental issues, Dr. Aguilera may recommend full mouth rehabilitation. Full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive restoration process whereby the purpose and appearance of every tooth in your mouth is restored. It improves the dental, skeletal and muscular functions of your mouth while also addressing the teeth with porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges or implants. By performing this procedure, Dr. Aguilera can replace missing teeth, establish a correct bite, protect teeth from improper wear, prevent TMJ and enhance your smile. The full number of potential benefits made possible by full mouth rehabilitation is so expansive we simply cannot list them all here. Your mouth plays so many important roles: chewing, drinking, speaking and breathing. After spending more than 40 years resolving the oral needs of his patients, Dr. Aguilera is eminently qualified to provide you with such comprehensive oral care. You deserve the very best care, so we warmly invite you to visit the office of Dr. John Aguilera in Corona Del Mar for a complimentary consultation.

What Can I Expect?

You will meet with Dr. Aguilera for a comprehensive dental exam to determine a unique, custom treatment plan to best fit your needs. We will assess both your underlying health issues and your cosmetic goals to determine which procedures can create the smile you desire, while also maintaining optimum oral health and functionality. Next, we can execute treatment as fast or as slow as you would like, depending on your needs and lifestyle. We can usually perform several procedures in the same appointment for quicker results. However, we can also schedule a series of appointments for each step of restoration. Our goal is to provide the best, longest-lasting results possible in a schedule that works for you. Results and recovery will vary based on the amount of treatment required and the schedule of treatment.

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